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DVD  Includes English and Spanish narrations, dramatized with accompanying original musical score.

View the MANDARIN Translation HERE - soon to be available in Book and DVD form.
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The story of
is as gripping as it is mysterious. What happened to The Night Princess?
Your answer is the only one that matters.  
But to find it, you’ll have to read it...
if you dare!

THE NIGHT PRINCESS is an original fable that encourages us to see that the way we treat anyone, is the way we treat everyone!

With tears streaming down his face, RAY BRADBURY declared,
VAN DYKE PARKS said: "I loved your show too.
Terrific animation to a great tale. The music
does justice to it all!"

"The Night Princess: the "lessons" in these books are something valuable to all of us.You seem to have a real handle on how to "entertain" children through books, yet there is a deeper message that speaks to them. I would just hope that you keep up your creative process and keep offering up quality books with good messages for our children." 
~ Christine Barry, Librarian at Sun View Elementary

The Book is
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