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Regular Weekly & Monthly classes are available at special rates. Scholarships may be available.

Life Lessons in ART from Emmy Award Winning artist Ruth Elliott:

While raising my 7 children and working in the animation industry for over 27 years, I created art for Hanna Barbera, Warner Brothers, Disney, and other studios on projects such as Scooby Doo, The Simpsons, The Smurfs, and many others.  But through it all, my personal dream was to inspire kids everywhere.

My parents divorced when I was 11 years old. At the time I felt like they divorced me. Now I realize they did love me, but I probably needed therapy. However, as a teenager, at least I had Art.

Art gave me a safe haven to draw out my feelings, to see on paper what I couldn’t say in words; a chance to spill my guts and unlock my inner world. I began to discover wonderful things about myself that helped me survive the pain and feelings of abandonment.

That’s why I KNOW that teaching kids to draw truly gives them a vehicle to make sense of things – outer things and inner things, and to develop greater self awareness. Combining art with storytelling develops character. Storytelling reveals themes that are common to us all. We see our own lives interwoven with the thread of life itself – and suddenly we are no longer alone, but part of a much bigger picture.

This is the reason I founded EDU DESIGNS; to bring children an awareness of their place in the world, to help them find their true purpose in life.

After I retired, I co-founded the non profit EDU DESIGNS to bring that dream into reality.

My speaking engagements inform and inspire children, as well as adults, sharing the tools and insights that have worked for me.

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Learning to draw combines life lessons with visual and manual dexterity.

As a youth, it was Art that saved my life. Art was my therapy.

Maybe it’s yours!

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Children with special needs enjoy art and music enrichment

I’ve experienced some amazing things with kids in special needs classes. 
One girl who had never talked her entire life, did some beautiful artwork. 
The teachers were astounded, and exclaimed, “We never knew she could draw!”

Kids with Special Needs love learning how to draw with Ruth Elliott!


Art Assemblies with Ruth Elliott

Ruth inspires children with tips for drawing, writing stories and ways to express themselves through art, encouraging students to work hard and hold on to their dreams.


Experiencing our animated stories, like SOMEBODY NEEDS YOU, THE NIGHT PRINCESS, ALL THE TURNS ARE TAKEN, LITTLE BLOSSOM and more, exposes them to character lessons they may not be getting anywhere else. Reaching the heart as well as the mind is our goal. When we visit schools, appreciative parents and teachers applaud our efforts to provide materials that teach virtue and integrity, along with cognitive skills.


EDU DESIGNS presenting original animated videos containing valuable life lessons about compassion and perseverance. Afterwards, students interact with discussion about what they see.

Christine Barry, the Librarian at Sun View Elementary had this to say about our visit:
“You related to the kids, made it interesting to them, involved them. You seemed genuinely interested and invested in the kids… the “lessons” in these books are something valuable to all of us. You have a real handle on how to “entertain” children through books, yet there is a deeper message that speaks to them. I hope that you keep up your creative process and keep offering up quality books with good messages for our children.”

The Arts can increase math scores by up to 15%!

Ruth Elliott’s Art Textbook, “SEE What You’re LOOKING AT”, was the first to reference the Core Standards and is now in use in many schools all over the United States and the world.

This is the first art textbook to reference core standards.

Normally $37, but FREE when you schedule classes.

See More about the book, HERE.


Drawing instruction includes all or part of the following: Understanding structure, perspective, expressing emotions, character development, story progression and basic animation.

Most Presentations are 45-60 minutes each of any group size:

Contact us to find out how to bring Art to your school – VIRTUALLY!!!

About the Founder:

Experience is the best teacher!

Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon, the founder of EDU DESIGNS, worked for decades in the Animation Industry, while raising her seven children.  36,000 diapers later, she became an Emmy Award Winning Artist, author and illustrator. 

In 2003 Ruth created GoMommyGO®, to give parents tools to manage themselves as well as their children.  

In 2007 she founded EDU DESIGNS to give children opportunities to engage their analytical skills, develop their creativity, and motivate them to make a positive impact in the world.

Her enthusiasm is contagious as she shares what she knows with children through the arts and media.

When asked recently, “Are you a teacher?”, Ruth replied:

 “Yes. As an animator with over 27 years of experience, I love sharing what I know with younger people – and there’s no degree for that!” 

As a Parenting Coach and Public Speaker,  she encourages parents with the insight and tools gained from her experience raising her own seven children, as well as her ongoing studies of Child Development and Psychology. 

Ruth shares, “When I speak with moms and dads, their eyes light up as I share how to improve their child’s character through the free behavior charts we have online. Over and over again they tell me, “This is just what I’ve been looking for!””

Parents are exhausted, teachers are overloaded, but you have an advantage right now – you can improve the next generation – by giving to Edu Designs. Hire her for your next event, conference or meeting.

Do you have a skill – or willing to share a little time? Your donation of physical or financial energy will make the difference for these kids.

Our hope for tomorrow is here TODAY – in children.

Thanks for caring!

I am so grateful for you!

Would you be willing to donate $3?

Any amount helps toward providing materials for teachers or students who can’t afford it. 

Your receipt is tax deductible, too!

If you can, please give.


Learn how kids learn empathy here…

Isn’t it true that everything we have is because it was first given to us? Whether life, health, a sound mind, it is a gift. All along the line we get a chance to give back. That’s what Edu Designs is doing.

Please join us!

Peter Marshall wisely said,

“Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned!” 

Our all-volunteer Board of Directors generously donates their time, so EVERY contribution helps, whatever the size.

Never miss an opportunity to do a good deed.

We are grateful for your help!

All Volunteer Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors generously volunteers their time and energy to create an organization that inspires children to be constructive members of society. That means 100% of your contribution will go to programs that help children, and not for salaries. 

Director, CEO, Patrick Eidemiller, DanimationEntertainment

Director, CFO: Sandra Vielma of Danimation Entertainment

Founder/Director, Secretary: Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon, co-founder of EDU DESIGNS: VIP member of Worldwide Who’s Who. Emmy Award Winning Artist, author/illustrator, and creator of GoMommyGO®, a Registered Trademark of EDU DESIGNS, with FREE Illustrated Behavior Charts and Tips for Parents.

Director of Digital Learning: Dani Bowman, Owner Instructor, DanimationEntertainment 

Director of Business Develoment: Lawrence Ma, Creator of International Processing Systems

Director of Creative Development: Jas Hilsdon,  Songwriter and Lyricist

Director of Technical Development: Keidric Wong, Internet Specialist


Elementary Education Advisor: D. R. Elliott-Cullquipuma, co-founder of EDU DESIGNS: BA in Childhood Development, MA in Education, Awarded Best Teacher in 2007 by the LA Board of Supervisors, given the Golden Apple Award in 2010 & 2018; recognized by the William Clinton Foundation in 2011; Contributing writer and Content Creator for EDU DESIGNS.

Art and Science In Life (ASIL) Advisor: Lisa Elliott

Associate Creative Advisor: Annie Elliott

Autism Advocates in Media: Dani Bowman, Patrick Eidemiller and Sandra Vielma of Powerlight Studios

Psychological Advisor: Dr. Raymond Jones, PhD, LMFT, MDiv, CSAT-S, CHt.

The Art of Music: Hans Adamson

Engineering Life Skills: Bob Blick

Integrity in Life: Robert & Kathy Butler

Art and Knowledge: Bonnie & Tim Callahan

Musical Inspiration: Liza Carbe & Jean Pierre Durand

Art and Science In Life (ASIL): Lisa Elliott

Music and Creative Support: Richie Furay

Art & Education Research: Carol Goodwin

Middle School Media: Steven Guiles

Bilingual Music for Children: Sara Quintanar

Legal Advisor: Amanda Seward, Esq.

Prior CFO and Co-Founder: David Elliott (In Memoriam):


EDU DESIGNS is a Non Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation. Fed. Tax ID # 261576531   
EDU DESIGNS_IRS_Letter of Determination

Edu Designs makes careful use of your support!

We don’t use a single cent of your gifts for salaries.

The Better Business Bureau and Charity Navigator both applaud Program Efficiencies above 66%. EDU DESIGNS is 79%!



Each year we reached thousands of people with our programs and web resources.

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