Ruth Elliott’s ART presentation assemblies promote positive attitudes, better behavior & academic achievement as well as spatial awareness, shown to raise math scores.

The Arts can increase math scores by up to 15%!

Ruth wrote the first art textbook to reference K-8 Math standards and shares it with her Art Presentations.

What will happen during the assemblies?

During the presentations students enjoy drawing tips from Emmy Award winning author and artist Ruth Elliott! Her years of experience in the animation industry have given her a desire to share her love of art and stories with children, who enjoy participating and learning valuable character lessons.

Drawing instruction may include all or part of the following: Understanding structure, perspective, expressing emotions, character development, story progression and basic animation.

We always provide paper for the children to draw on!

Scheduling DETAILS might look like this:

Most Presentations are 45-60 minutes each of any group size:

We can do from 1-4  assemblies per day, to reach all students in a school.

Here’s a sample schedule you can adjust to your needs.

8:30 am – 9:15 am

9:30 am – 10:45 am

11am – 11:45 am

12:30 – 1:15 pm

What does the school need to do to get ready?

Equipment needed for the presentation 

(if not available, let us know, and we will provide alternatives):

1 – a screen to project on
2 – an Overhead Projector, document camera or Elmo 
3 – a Microphone / speakers
4 – a DVD or multimedia Projector
5 – a pencil for each child and something for them to lean on (book, clipboard or desk)

Our assembly presentation is valued at $1,200), per day for an entire school. However, our “Share with Another School”     program allows you to get our program for free (donations always accepted!) when you refer us to another school. This saves us time calling schools, and saves you $.

 house In our “Share with Another School” Program, you get the BEST Experience to motivate and inspire your students to learn!

Find out how to bring our Art Presentation to your school here!

Children with special needs enjoy art and music enrichment, too:

Contact us to schedule your Art Presentation today!

(The Free Presentation is Limited to Southern CA at present, subject to scheduling availability.)

Other areas need to provide transportation and accommodations – Find out more here)

Note from Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon, Founder of Edu Designs and GoMommyGO®:

I founded EDU DESIGNS after my 7 kids grew up and I realized there were more children out there who needed positive media and educational resources to lift them up. Join our efforts to nurture the little ones with high ideals of good character. It will help the REST of us when THEY become the adults in charge!

Your donation helps us provide to students in need.

If you believe in our mission, please support us.

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EDU Designs is a non profit organization whose mission is to produce and distribute multimedia materials for the education, motivation and character development of children.
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