Stories are a powerful way to get a message across. All the great teachers, Lao Tse, Plato, Jesus, Mohammed and countless others through the centuries used stories and parables to impart wisdom to people.

Everyone loves a good story! 

In one of Aesop’s Fables, the Wind and the Sun competed to see which of them was stronger.

The Challenge?

Who could get a traveller down on Earth to take off his coat!

The Wind tried first.

The wind blowing only makes the traveler hold tighter to his cloak.

But the harder the Wind blew, the tighter the man held on to his coat.

Then it was the Sun’s turn.

The Sun shining, makes the traveller remove his cloak.

The Sun simply shone down upon the man, who became so warm, he took it off all by himself.

The moral of the story, that persuasiveness is more effective than brute force, leads us to ask: What’s more persuasive than kindness? (As my mother used to say, “You get more flies with Honey than with Vinegar.”)

However, why bother telling a story at all?

Why not just get to the bottom line and tell everyone, “Be Nice”?

The answer is that people get yakked at constantly. And half the time they just filter it out.

But tell them a story? Nothing reaches a person’s heart faster than that.

Stories get us out of the here-and-now, and into another part of our brains, where we can engage our imaginations and see things from other angles.

We are better able to understand a concept when it is presented as a metaphor. And we are better able to remember it when it is given to us in an entertaining way.

That’s why we tell stories! 


When kids watch Ruth’s original fable, THE NIGHT PRINCESS, they get the  message that the way you treat someone, anyone, is the way you treat everyone.

Princess by a window looking at the moon...

‘The Night Princess’, an original fable by Ruth Elliott

As EDU DESIGNS goes to schools sharing our story and art presentations we inspire and motivate students to better character. 

And they are always hungry for more.

We need your help to continue this vital, not-for-profit work. 

Please give what you can.

Children need it!


Thank you!

We are an ALL VOLUNTEER Non-Profit. That means 100% of your donation goes to share our materials with Students, Parents, Teachers & Schools, and NOT for salaries.

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