Can Comics teach character? Of course they can! It’s all about the STORY!

Fun at San Diego Comic-Con, 2017!

At my art presentations to kids, whenever I ask the question, “Does anyone here like cartoons?” I get a howling “YES!” from everyone!

The overwhelming popularity of events, such as Comic-Con, are proof that comics and cartoons hit a universal nerve: The Good Guys vs. The Bad Guys.


Superheroes are primarily good examples of courage in the face of adversity, the willingness to bring the bad guys to justice, and protect the innocent. Although the milieu is outlandish and supernatural, it always encompasses a full range of human strength and weaknesses. We are left with the sense that even though we ordinary humans don’t have the power to move mountains or fly, we can still be a force for good in this world. We can still be heroes. That’s what superhero comics teach us.

In the end, superheroes represent human values.

At the heart of each of us is the desire to be victorious over our problems. We need good examples. Superheroes provide an example of strength over tribulations. 

The common man, living a life of ‘quiet desperation’, needs hope. Characters like Spiderman, Superman and all the rest highlight the angst we ‘stuff’ in order to tolerate the inane humdrum pace of our lives and for a brief moment give us a sense of power. That little shot of adrenaline provides a boost as a catharsis to get us to FEEL again.


Einstein said, "Imagination is  everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.  Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Thousands flock to comic conventions all over the world.

Comics answer the deep need in the human psyche for a Higher Power – someone to take charge.  If we can’t identify with Superheroes in real life, then we can at least enjoy the feeling in our imagination.

Nothing comes into being without imagining it first. The fellowship  at Comic-cons everywhere gives believers’ place to join in kinship with others to affirm the value of imagination in concrete form.

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