comic about kidsEmbrace the challenge Children bring – and you will gain skills you need in every part of life! 


— 1- To Observe
They teach you to PAY ATTENTION to another. And if you don’t watch them they’ll do something to force you to notice them!

2- To Plan Ahead
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. For example:
When dinner isn’t ready when they are hungry, their screams will make you wish you HAD planned ahead! Want to be a success at something? Success is where Preparation and Opportunity meet. Learn to plan your work and work your plan.

3- To DO – Be Proactive, not REACTIVE
(ie: Be ready to be interrupted at the drop of a hat to do whatever needs to be done! See INTERRUPTIBILITY)
You learn:
Strike while the iron is hot.
Don’t wait till things fall apart.
Foresight IS better than hindsight.
Plant seeds of character by your example.
The sooner you face a problem the easier it is to solve.
For instance, the best time to discipline a teenager is when he’s 3 years old!
Understand that there will always be messes, physical or emotional.
Just clean them up as soon as they happen.

Remember: There are 3 kinds of people in the world:
Those who make things happen
Those who watch things happen
And those who wonder WHAT happened! (You don’t want to be that one!)

When done right, being a parent teaches you how to take care of business.
Like the CEO of a corporation, you will be ready to handle anything the world can throw at you.

In business, people use Other People’s Money to succeed.
In the world of Parenting, you can use Other People’s Work to make the job easier.

I want you to get my 9 tips to keep you from freaking out,
to help you get a handle on what to do to keep your head above water
so you can begin to start being proactive in your life.

Here’s what Deaunna Evans, from Super Moms Coaching said about these 9 tips:

“I just finished reading your amazing 9 TIPS TO KEEP YOU FROM FREAKING OUT!
These 9 tips you give are some excellent FOUNDATIONAL keys to helping parents become more responsive rather than reactive.
So practical. So true…”

My dad once told me “Remember, Ruthie- no matter how hard it gets, there’s always a way through!” 
You never need to be a victim of circumstance. Learn how to get through and be in control again with these 9 tips.

Warmest wishes,

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