Parents Told to Abandon Retarded Baby at Birth…

Once in a while a story comes along that shows the triumph of the human spirit.

When Diane was born with Down Syndrome AND a hole in her heart, the doctor advised the mother and father that their baby girl would never survive, and, “Just leave her with us, we’ll take care of it”.

Jas (3 yo), Papa, Kathy, Joe, Mama and Diane (5 yo).

Did these parents abandon her?

The father replied, “We’ll just be taking our daughter home with us, thank you.”

And she DID survive – for 53 years!

What an important message it gave to their other children about the value of human life. Jas learned from an early age to help take care of his “little” older sister. How sweet to see little children learning to care for one another.

Jas (L) giving Diane a hug.
Jas (L) giving Diane a hug.


Sometimes the people who benefit the most are the ones doing the giving.

Out of his all his helping grew a spirit of great compassion in little Jas.

He grew up and wrote a song for Diane. Hear it at this link:


Can caring for others effect the world?

You bet it can.

Just listen!

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