We rescued a fledgling baby bird a couple of weeks ago, and are new parents again at 69 years old! 
Here’s a photo of when we first saw her, sitting stunned, on a walkway. 

We put some water in front of her, but she wouldn’t drink it. 

She seemed so depressed we brought her home. 
First we put her in a box:

And then were lucky to find a birdcage for $4 at a thrift store!

The wonderful lady at the Thrift Store knew a licensed Bird rehabilitator who told us:
1- what kind of bird she is (a female Black-headed Grosbeak)  
2- how to take care of her and
3- that we did the right thing to pick her up (she would have been ‘lunch’ for some wild animal if we hadn’t).
We named our new ‘baby’, Abby.
Here she is enjoying Jas’s piano playing while in her new cage:
She eats like a bird (all day)!
A quick video of Jas imagining what she was thinking while he was feeding her:

And a short video of me feeding her, too:
With all the good mothering and fathering, Abby is much happier… and getting bigger every day.
She wants to go outside, but we can’t let her her, yet, so  
we let her out of her cage a few times a day, to fly around the room: 
Here Jas caught her flying into the kitchen.
We have to make sure the stove isn’t on when she’s practicing her flying!

Today she landed on Jas’s head…

And then settled onto his shoulder for a bit!
She’s beginning to peck at things, too – a good sign she will be able to feed herself soon!
When we are sure she can eat on her own (and escape from our cat!) we will be able to release her back out into the wild!
Happy Father’s Day Everyone – whatever your species or gender!
Ruth and Jas…
and Abby!
baby bird
Abby the Black Headed Grosbeak!
AKA: ‘The Hilsdon Animal Rescue Society’ (wink, wink!)
Last year we rescued 8 cats and found homes for them, with the help of a wonderful organization in Connecticut called Our Companions.