Hankering after STUFF is never ENOUGH… Finding True Treasure…

Could WE be the treasure in earthen vessels?

Though money has its place, aren’t Peace and True Happiness the most important values to teach our kids?

I wrote this little poem recently, thinking of the conflict between ‘Getting what you want’ and ‘True’ satisfaction:


Finding Treasure, © Ruth Elliott, 2013

Ignorance, when fueled by desire,

Scrambles to fight, following a Liar…

And after all the getting’s done,

with no peace or justice won,

joys vanish in the present,

while seeking what was ‘pleasant’.


Greed stomps on others to get its winnings,

and only piles up further sinnings.

Though the truth is plainly told,

(that all that glitters is not gold),

It blinds to all the pain and rue,

and never ceases hurting you.


Forgetting all this earthly stuff

(and along with getting, had enough),

to him who holds the key to heaven

True Treasure will at last be given.

Those we know who have it still,

will never lose it, never will!


Please make the best of what you have TODAY, especially those (human) treasures that are asking you to pay attention to them!

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See What You're Looking At! by Ruth Elliott
See What You’re Looking At! by Ruth Elliott


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