June 25th, 2010

Ruth Elliott, Director








Welcome to the Land of "I'm Sorry"

 © Ruth Elliott, 2010                                                                   


Once there was a boy whose teacher said,

"Boy - Always do right, and Never do Wrong. Then you will be perfect."

So the boy went out to always do right.


But one day he did something wrong. He was so sad he thought his life was ruined forever. "There's nothing left to do but jump down a hole and HIDE."

He was about to jump, when someone came along and said,

"All is not lost! You can still have a good life. But you have to go through these two gates first, called: "I'M SORRY" and  " I'LL DO BETTER NEXT TIME"

So the boy left the hole behind, and went through the gates.

On the other side he saw his teacher there and said,

"You're here, TOO?  YOU had to say sorry? What did YOU do that was wrong?"


The teacher said,

"I told you 'you could be perfect and never do wrong' - but that was impossible to do. That was my mistake. I am sorry."



Ruth Elliott

Director, Edu Designs




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