Laundry is good for something...

Good news! I am so excited! I just got word that our non profit was given the seal of approval by the Guidestar Exchange! This means that we have completed all the required steps to insure fiscal transparency in our organization. YAY! That was a lot of work!

What does THAT have to do with my laundry cartoon, you ask? Was it like hanging out your laundry for everyone to see? Well, kinda - Just wait – there's MORE!

We’ve been having FUN, too! In the last few weeks my visit with a middle school digital media class lasted 2 full days as they learned tips on drawing, animation timing, storyboarding, and story writing – all key elements that combine logical thinking, math and art. And of course, since I drew them back in the ‘80s, all the students wanted to learn how to draw a Smurf too!   And tomorrow I’m off to an elementary school to give advice to budding artists on composition, perspective and adding realism to their drawings as they enter an art contest they are giving there.

Thank you to all you Preschool directors, Principals, Teachers, other artists and more, who are helping with the preparations for upcoming visits to schools. (Is this like matching socks?)...

 And thank you also to so many of you who have expressed gratitude for the free illustrated behavior charts we make available (courtesy of GoMommyGO) for parents of preschool through elementary age kids.  (Here comes the Laundry part).

It’s a dream come true to be able to help others who struggle as I did when my kids were little, juggling work, laundry and kids. The illustrated charts helped them understand what was needed for us to share the load as a family. But as I would stay up till 2 at night drawing charts by hand (in the ‘old days’ before digital media was readily available)and thinking to myself, “Isn’t there SOMEBODY who can do this for parents who CAN’T draw?” - how was I to know it would be ME?

Love and Best,


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