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THANK YOU Amanda and Hans for your kindness and generosity to uplift the arts!

Richie Furay of Rock 'N' Roll Hall of fame THANK YOU RICHIE!

Michael Antonovich has done so much to help children in Los Angeles!

See What You're Looking At was dedicated to Michael's tireless efforts to support the Arts and Education by Ruth Elliott, Director and co-founder of Edu Designs.

I LOVE magnets!

Maybe it's because I come from a long line of scientists and teachers, but I have to admit - I am a "magnet-o-holic"! You might say I'm 'attracted' to them! For instance, check out this LEVITATING MAGNET KIT!

Glenn Vilppu taught me more about life drawing than any art teacher I've ever had! I was blessed to learn from him at Disney art classes and other studios. And now YOU can learn from him too!" Ruth Elliott, director at EDU Designs

It's true, "The Vilppu Method Brings Your Drawing to Life"

Thank you Jim Van Der Keyl! Your book "A Caricaturist's Handbook" is the most exciting book on the art of Caricature I've ever seen. Using sound principals of art, you demystify the process while adding the excitement and magic that release the inner courage to try it for yourself!  

He's on youTube HERE!


Rick and Kim Kile are Members of REBSEA - Real Estate Agents & Lenders that Give Back to the communities they serve by making donations to Charities and Non-Profit organizations all across America. As a Real Estate Company we donate 25% of our commission to the organization of your choice for every lead given to us by you or any of your supporters.


Based in Chino Hills, we cover OC, LA and the Inland Empire.

Our #1 goal is to make a difference in people's lives.




Award Winning Photographer

Ken Lee

Ken's photography site - kenleephotography.comKen's photo store - http://kenlee.imagekind.com
Ken's recording studio - blueberrybuddha.com
Ken's photo albums and music - elevenshadows.com
NEW! music videos -vimeo.com/themercuryseven
NEW! radio show - tibetconnection.org
NEW! new music project: cdbaby.com/cd/mercuryseven/

Thank you Green Leaf Press, for truly Fostering positive values!

Thank you Liza Carbe and JP Durand of INCENDIO for sharing your prodigious talents to help others through the ARTS!

Stephtvfilmwriter's Blog

Great Article on Suicide Prevention  


Welcome to Icthus!
A ministry in Latin America to equip young people
ages 4-18 for Christian service and leadership.

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Supporting the Arts through expert Music Repair

"When I read the book by Neuroscientist Dr. Marco Iacoboni called, "Mirroring People, the New Science of how we connect with Others" it inspired me to write this article on EMPATHY!"~Ruth Elliott

The GROUNDBREAKING ORIGINAL TEACHING TOOLS to make your classroom ROCK! Click on the image below for a sample of what Dr. Lodge did to teach Radioactive Dating, below, and then check out the link below it for HOW TO!

LEARN how to make your OWN videos HERE!


Edu Designs has teamed up with Goodsearch to raise money for our cause! How does it work? Just shop from your favorite stores including Shopbop [http://www.goodsearch.com/shopbop-com/coupons] and Things Remembered [http://www.goodsearch.com/things-remembered/coupons] and a portion of our online purchases will be donated back to us at no additional charge to you! See why Goodsearch has already raised more than $11 million for a variety of charities today.

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Remember www.aqfed.com - for those who require pond and aquarium installations, landscaping, and/or maintenance!


Never miss an opportunity to do a good deed!
There are many character lessons we inspire children to learn. Each person's life impacts others, for good or ill. Every child we reach today, will bring a change for the better - and YOU can help make it happen!
Edu Designs helps reach more children with the influences they need to improve their character. Will YOU help? There are LOTS of ways YOU CAN! Find out HOW YOU can help improve the character of children by clicking our logo to the right.


Thank you Jerry!

MAFA is a friend organization Helping Kids and the Arts


In Memoriam:
David Elliott, Former CFO of EDU Designs

"He Lived to Serve Others"

November 15, 1947 - June 20, 2011

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