EDU DESIGNS brings ART Presentations to Children of All Ages

Inspiring children with stories and ways to express emotions through art, Author and Illustrator
Ruth Elliott encourages students to work hard and never give up on their dreams.

The children are delighted to learn how to "SEE WHAT THEY'RE LOOKING AT" and draw in ways they never thought about before.

EDU DESIGNS presents their original animated videos, including THE NIGHT PRINCESS and LITTLE BLOSSOM, containing valuable life lessons about compassion and perseverance.

Students interact with discussion about what they see!

Christine Barry, the Librarian at Sun View Elementary had this to say about the authors visit:
"You related to the kids, made it interesting to them, involved them. You both seemed genuinely interested and invested in the kids. Character traits: I like the honesty of Richest Kid in the Poor House. The children in the story portrayed real qualities, and were guided and corrected in a real way. The same with The Night Princess: the "lessons" in these books are something valuable to all of us. You seem to have a real handle on how to "entertain" children through books, yet there is a deeper message that speaks to them. I would just hope that you keep up your creative process and keep offering up quality books with good messages for our children."

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Our Board of Directors generously volunteers their time and energy to create an organization that inspires children to be constructive members of society. That means 100% of your contribution will go to programs that help children, and not for salaries. Every contribution helps! Edu Designs makes careful use of your support. We don’t use a single cent of your gifts for overhead – 100% goes to programs to help children.

Director: Ruth Elliott, co-founder of EDU DESIGNS: VIP member of Worldwide Who’s Who. Emmy Award Winning Artist, author/illustrator, and creator of GoMommyGO®, a Registered Trademark of EDU DESIGNS, with FREE  Illustrated Behavior Charts and Tips for Parents.

Director, CEO : Diana R. Elliott -Cullquipuma, co-founder of EDU DESIGNS: BA in Childhood Development, MA in Education, Awarded Best Teacher in 2007 by the LA Board of Supervisors, given the Golden Apple Award in 2010, recognized by the William Clinton Foundation in 2011.

Director of Development: Joanne R. Daly of EDU DESIGNS: Board Certified Family Practice at Kaiser Permanente, California.

Director of Business Develoment: Lawrence Ma, Creator of Credit Card Services

Director of Creative Develoment: Jas Hilsdon, Songwriter and Lyricist

Director: Dr. Raymond Jones, PhD, LMFT, MDiv, CSAT-S, CHt.

Director: Joanna Looby, Educator

Director: Bruce Eckblad, Service to schools for decades.

Director of Technical Development: Keidric Wong, Internet Specialist


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Prior CFO and Co-Founder: David Elliott, (In Memoriam):

Music industry veteran since the ‘70’s, and writer for tv/radio and the web on Silverplume Inkwell.Com


Our goal is to reach schools regardless of their ability to pay. That's why we offer our option of our "LINK TO ANOTHER SCHOOL" program. We do appreciate your donations, too. They enable us to provide our materials to schools completely free of charge.

Edu Designs makes careful use of your support. We don’t use a single cent of your gifts for overhead – 100% goes to programs to help children.

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Here are some of our books:

THE NIGHT PRINCESS is an original fable that encourages us to see that the way we treat anyone, is the way we treat everyone!

With tears streaming down his face, RAY BRADBURY declared, “It’s BEAUTIFUL!”

The story of
LITTLE BLOSSOM encourages us to never give up, and to hold on to our dreams, even if we can't see the results we hope for right away.

What people are saying about The Night Princess and
Little Blossom:

The stories are very traditional - yet fresh, original and unique.  I’m still thinking of the many lessons each contains.      –Dr.Anastasia Kalivas

Really enjoyed The Night Princess...a simple yet profound story.  Good work.
~ Charles Stewart, Esq
"...I really like the way you present the story by putting English and Spanish on the same page..."– Gail Page, Co-Chair, 2009 Authors Festival Committee
For The Friends of the Children's Library

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