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Whether you choose our traditional "Fee Based Assembly" or our
 "Share with Another" Option, we give you ABSOLUTELY the BEST Experience to motivate and inspire your students to learn!
* Limited to Connecticut at this time. Please note that outside this area transportation and lodging must be provided for us to come to your school. Contact us for more information using the form below.
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Our traditional Fee based Presentation is $1,200, (for up to three 45 minute assemblies in one day - this should be able to reach your entire school)
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Our FREE   "Share with Another" Option, allows you to have our program at no cost to you. All we ask is that you do these two simple things:

    1. Contact another school, library or organization to tell them about our program.
    2. Share our materials in your classroom or library following the presentation.

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    WHAT do you get from the Assembly? During the presentations you will enjoy learning tips on drawing from Emmy Award winning author and artist Ruth Elliott!

    Her years of experience in the animation industry have given her a desire to share her love of art and stories with children, who enjoy participating and learning valuable character lessons.

    Inspiring children with stories and ways to express emotions through art, Author and Illustrator Ruth Elliott encourages students to work hard and never give up on their dreams.

    Drawing instruction may include the following: Understanding structure, perspective, expressing emotions in art, character development, story progression and basic animation. Ruth always shares some of her animated videos along with positive messages for the students at her presentations, too.

    Original animated videos, including THE NIGHT PRINCESS and LITTLE BLOSSOM, contain valuable life lessons about compassion and perseverance.


    The school receives a free set of our books and materials for their library, as they are available.

    Christine Barry, the Librarian at Sun View Elementary had this to say about the authors visit:
    "You related to the kids, made it interesting to them, involved them ... genuinely interested and invested in the kids ... the "lessons" in these books are something valuable to all of us. You seem to have a real handle on how to "entertain" children through books, yet there is a deeper message that speaks to them. I hope you keep up your creative process and keep offering up quality books with good messages for our children."

    PLUS! We always provide paper for each child to draw on- so all they need to bring is a pencil and something to lean on, like a book or clipboard!

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