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 “Edu Designs is dedicated to produce and distribute multimedia materials for the education, motivation and character development of children”.  


The Arts can increase math scores by up to 15%!

ART promotes positive attitudes, better behavior & academic achievement, as well as spatial awareness, which has been shown to raise math scores. Ruth Elliott wrote the first art textbook to reference Core Standards and shares it with her Art Presentations! Find out more about the book, HERE.

EDU DESIGNS gives children opportunities to develop their creativity, engage their analytical skills and inspire them to follow their dreams. 

From the founder of EDU DESIGNS:

One day my son came home and said, “The reason I went to school wasn’t there today.”

When I asked, “WHY?”, he said sadly, “They took Art Class away.”

That was the day I decided to do something about it. I began by doing volunteer art visits to the classroom and eventually founded EDU DESIGNS to expand our non profit efforts. 

I feel great hope and excitement whenever I give an art presentation to children. The kids are thrilled to learn how to draw in ways they never knew they could. They learn to be part of the creative process by expressing their emotions through the arts and media. This gives them a satisfaction they can never get through merely watching shows or playing video games.


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Note from Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon, Founder of Edu Designs and GoMommyGO®:

“I founded EDU DESIGNS after my 7 kids grew up and I realized there were many children out there who needed positive media and educational resources to lift them up. We need to nurture the little ones with high ideals of good character, which will help the REST of us when THEY become the adults in charge!”

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