What Will They Say When You’re Gone?


 I suffered panic attacks when my mother-in-law came to visit.

She was a perfect housekeeper and I wasn’t.

With my seven kids to take care of, I’d always put their emotional needs first. The house could wait. But she never quite understood that, and I could always feel her judging me for it.

One day, in a moment of inspiration, this came to me:


 Around Halloween that year I gave a talk to a Middle School youth group.

I told them about my predicament and showed them the joke.

I asked, “I wonder if we died today, what people would remember about us?”

I showed several cardboard tombstone ‘cutouts’ with sayings on them:

“He was Good at Video Games “

“She had lots of friends”

“She was Pretty”

“He was Tough”

Then I showed them a photo of a beautiful young lady and asked if they knew her.  They all said they didn’t know.

“Actually you do know her,”  and I revealed it was Wilda, the elderly receptionist in the front office.

They were shocked.

One girl said,

“I LOVE WILDA! But I never knew she was so pretty once!”

So I asked. “Why do you like Wilda so much?”

“Because she’s so nice.”

The other kids agreed.

Next, holding up a blank tombstone, I said,

“Maybe it’s a good idea to think of the end from the beginning.

What do you want people to remember about YOU after you are gone?”

They all got the message –  that externals don’t last.

But that’s not the most important part.

The kids appreciated Wilda a lot more the next time they went to the office.  And a few years later she went to be with her Lord.

But she left a mark:


WHY? Because she made us feel we were.

The time seems to be flying by.

A year ago my sister died suddenly.

And this week one of our friends died.

They will be missed, too.

You never know when we will be ushered into eternity.

I like what John Jolliffe said:

“The way you feel about yourself is both your punishment and your reward. YOUR job is to become the kind of person YOU can love.”

 Wishing you the best,


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Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon 
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EDU DESIGNS  promotes the Arts and Music.  When Ray Davies (of the KINKS) signed his name to an Ibanez guitar backstage at the Canyon Club in Agoura, CA, 2010, it was to help us further this goal. We’re very grateful to Ray.
In a recent search for a deserving individual, we found Joel Solis, an honor student from California Polytechnic University, Pomona.
With 4 quarters on the Dean’s List, the Ella Fitzgerald Memorial Scholarship, the Music Industries Studies Scholarship, the Jazz Band Scholarship, Joel is the perfect recipient. Plus, we love his songwriting.
After 11 years in the Marine Corps, Joel returned to college to pursue music, his first love. Before he was done, though, he also assisted in creating a suicide prevention program for the University Veteran’s Resource Center.  Considering these great honors and accomplishments, we are very happy to present this fine instrument to Mr. Solis. Congratulations, Joel.
Joel Solis, Award Winner of Ray Davies Signed Guitar.

Joel Solis, Winner of Ray Davies Signed Guitar.

Ibanez Guitar with Floyd Rose – Signed by Ray Davies

Jas Hilsdon
Director of Creative Development

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See What You're Looking At! by Ruth Elliott

See What You’re Looking At! by Ruth Elliott

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Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon 
Founder of EDU DESIGNS 
Creator: GoMommyGO

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This gallery contains 2 photos.

HUMAN TOUCH KEY TO MENTAL HEALTH  At 8 years old, I was moping around the house. “Mom – I’m homesick. But I’m at HOME. How can that be?” I can’t recall her words, but whatever she said didn’t satisfy me. … Continue reading

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3 Tips to be a “GOOD ENOUGH” PARENT














You didn’t want a life of loneliness?

Figured that having children would end that?

Congratulations! Now LAUNDRY is your constant companion!

My Mom used to tell me, “Everything comes out in the wash…” .

Since I was eight years old my plan was: To raise some wonderful kids and leave the world a better place than I found it…

Now – MY place was a wreck and so was I

So while shoveling the mud uphill every day, I reminded myself of what every older mom I’d ever met had shared with me: “Enjoy your kids while they are little – the housework will still be there long after they are gone!” 


I read once, “No success in the world can compensate for failure at home…”

My grown daughter, Lisa, aptly said: “Success is what we all strive for in life. But the truth is, that behind every success sits a pile of failures.”

…And a pile of laundry, I say!

Thank Goodness we somehow survive our parents’ imperfect parenting, and our children survive ours – all living proof of Guardian Angels.

 Nobody is Perfect…

BUT – Can we be ‘Good Enough’?

If you are doing your best, that probably IS the best you CAN do – but there is always more to learn.

Now that I have survived, I can see mistakes to avoid, and identified things that DID work – not to make me a millionaire – but to provide a life of fewer regrets.

The way I see it, after unconditional love for your children, these three things are essential to being a ‘Good Enough’ Parent:

  • Interruptability
  • Energy
  • Preparation


Paying attention to someone else means: NOT MINDING BEING INTERRUPTED.

Let’s FACE it – it’s GOING to happen, and a LOT – so at first you might have to pretend you don’t mind…

Studies show that children need both attunement and eye contact from a parent or caregiver to develop a sense of security and a capacity for proper emotional self regulation as they grow. That means undistracted parenting.

According to Dr. Claudia Gold:

“When a parent gazes into her baby’s eyes, she literally promotes the growth of her baby’s brain, helping it to be wired for a secure sense of self. The MPC (The medial prefrontal cortex) has been referred to as the “observing brain.” It is where our sense of self lies. When a mother looks at a baby in a way that communicates with him, not with words but with feelings, “I understand you,” he begins to recognize himself, both physically and psychologically. This mutual gaze, literally and figuratively being “seen,” actually facilitates the development of the baby’s brain. As the MPC matures in this kind of secure loving relationship, the brain is wired in a way that will serve him well for the rest of his life. He will be able to think clearly and to regulate feelings in the face of stressful experiences.”

Read more here: http://claudiamgoldmd.blogspot.com/2010/08/how-to-grow-childs-brain.html

Dr.Gabor Mate says that when a child does not feel someone is watching, they become anxious and can be at an increased risk for ADHD. References: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=TdVlgh6yK_A

I learned to force myself to stop, smell the roses… and hold my nose while changing the next dirty diaper, again and again… and look at it as an opportunity to communicate caring and love with this little one in front of me.

chng_diap_tshirt72Eventually a lot more changed besides the diapers.

I did.

In the space of 7 kids and decades of mothering duties, the good news was that I DID get used to it and even began enjoying it without pretending.

I guess what Kurt Vonnegut said is true:

Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut


Kids are wonderful when we have the energy to keep up with them.

We get to re-experience life and delight in each new discovery along with them.

But keeping that energy up can be a difficult thing, when there is so much to get done… (did someone say, “laundry”?)














My son actually said, “DAD, MOM HAD A NERVOUS WRECK!” when the father of my seven children came through the door one day.

I had thought it was possible to “get everything done”. Sadly, I was mistaken.

So what was an ‘idealistic, try-to-get-too-much-done mother’ like myself supposed to do?

I absolutely HATE being tired, and can’t imagine anyone liking it.

After research and experience, I learned the things that gave me more energy, and what things made me tired and sad. Here are a few things that worked for me:


HA! Not surprising, it was the hardest thing for me to do – Because so many things needed to get done, I felt those things wouldn’t ‘LET ME’ get the sleep I needed. But it wasn’t true. I was the one who wouldn’t let me.

Give yourself permission to get what you need, and lower your expectations of what you can get done in a day. 


Adequate Protein – A MUST to keep up your endurance.

DRINK More WATER! It prevents stress and constipation. Constipation is the thief of Health.

Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, said,  “You’re not sick; you’re thirsty. Don’t treat thirst with medication.” http://www.watercure.com/index.html


TAKE VITAMINS! They really help.

There are many problems a healthy diet will cure that aren’t addressed by most doctors. I found Brenda Watson has a lot to say about it. http://www.brendawatson.com/

C- AVOID Energy Vampires:

  • Sugar makes you tired, after the first rush is over.
  • Avoid Negative people and Perfectionism
  • Avoid too much TV or Computer time…


From 0-3 years the brain of a child grows at skyrocketing speed, as they make new connections and learn new things. They ‘outsmart’ us regularly! All this nonstop growth can be exhausting, unless you PLAN for it.

One day I thought, “Why are the TERRIBLE TWOS so terrible? Because:You keep THEM from doing what THEY want to do, and they keep YOU from doing what YOU want to do!”

Before I had children of my own, one day I saw an overweight grandmother waiting for someone to arrive at an office.  She was watching a sprightly 2 year old girl. The old woman just wanted to sit there, and have the little girl do the same. Barely turning to look at her, she barked out orders to the toddler, “SIT! Come BACK HERE! DON’T touch that!”

 The little girl’s eyes darted back and forth, like a squirrel looking for a chance  to escape and run.  I felt the same way. Since we were both obliged to stay there for a bit, I sensed emergency measures were needed.  Grabbing a magazine on a nearby table, I opened it up to a photo of a person’s head. I quickly pulled out a small rectangular mirror from my purse, and placed the long side of the mirror down the center of their face.  I showed the little girl how she could create funny distorted faces in the reflected image, by moving it back and forth. Soon we were laughing and making the people ‘talk’ in the magazine! Keeping her occupied was a joy, until the grandma had to leave with her. By then, the little girl wanted to stay with me.

I wondered how the girl’s experience would have been if I had not been there to engage her with something interesting to think about.

After that, I resolved to always have something on hand to entertain a child with: A magic trick, paper and pen, or just a good story to make the time go by pleasantly, instead of painfully. 


Did I already mention that no one is perfect? With one exception. BEFORE we have kids we THINK we know it all.  After we have kids we are humbled to find out how little we know.

By the time I had 4 children between the ages of 2-9, I found myself yelling at the kids. What happened? Ashamed of myself,  I ran into the bathroom and cried,

 “I USED to be such a NICE PERSON!”

I returned to the kids and apologized – that it wasn’t their fault –  I loved them, but I was just really tired and needed their help.

I asked them, “Do you like it when I yell?”

Their answer was, “No.”

I told them “I don’t either.”

Then and there we decided we needed a system to organize tasks. We had our first family meeting of minds that night. I agreed I wouldn’t yell and they agreed to help. We wrote down all the chores on small pieces of paper and drew them out of a hat. When someone thought they couldn’t do the job they had picked out, we traded chores, until everyone felt confident he had one he could handle. That night I made our first chart with the chores we had settled upon, with pictures instead of words, since some of the kids couldn’t read yet. At the end of the week we would all go to the dollar store, and they would each be allowed to pick out one thing  – anything they wanted! Though it was usually candy (Since I didn’t allow them ANY candy the rest of the week), once in a while they’d pick out a toy or some other treasure that appealed to them.

That’s how my personal system of illustrated charts began.  It worked so well, I kept thinking, “Why doesn’t someone do this for mom’s who can’t draw?” After 27 years in the animation industry, I concluded that that someone should be me.

You can take my charts and customize them to your needs.

Download them here: http://www.gomommygo.com/thankdontspank.html


What makes us YELL?

Why do we get angry?

Anger is a secondary emotion.

Another feeling comes before it: Some type of Pain.

Frustration. Exhaustion.  Being TIRED can lead to being Angry…


When a car runs out of gas it has nothing in the tank but fumes to run on.  So we get frustrated when we can no longer handle it.

Think about the mechanics of what goes on when you have spent all your energy:  As soon as you have nothing left to give, everything inside of you wants to STOP.

But, if you are not allowed to stop, it just takes one more demand upon you, and the knee-jerk reaction is to  ‘fume’, explode, and Voila – Instant energy.

However it’s not the kind of energy you want…

ANTIDOTE: REFILL BEFORE you run out of Gas!

You may have started out with a full pitcher of ‘Love Juice’ in the morning to give out to everyone,  but after pouring it out all day, you need to refill your pitcher, too!

So -

Before you begin  ‘fuming’,  STOP!

Get a glass of water, cup of tea or coffee, and run into a quiet place – the bathroom, bedroom or just close your eyes for a moment – to call out for help – BEFORE you need it.

For myself, usually I would dash to the bathroom and pray, “HELP, GOD! I can’t make it without you!”,  and God and I came to be good friends.

Every little bit – not only helps – it’s ESSENTIAL.

Think of it this way:

You are the HOSE, not the water.  Let it flow.

Tomorrow is another day…

There’s so much more to share, but it will have to wait until another time.

For now –  I wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day!





Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon

Director, EDUDESIGNS.ORG, GoMommyGO.com


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When I hear the words, ‘MILK TRUCK’, three uncanny stories come to mind.  Absolutely true.  Two are from my own life.  Take the next ‘step beyond’ to see what happened.

Milk Man in Houston, Texas Saves a 7 year old Girl

One day at the ripe age of 7 years old, I got out of school an hour earlier than my brother and sister, and walked home to an empty house.  I went to my neighbor’s, hoping to play with them, but they weren’t home, either.  Thank goodness their swingset welcomed me, remembering how they had always told me I could use it, “…any time”.

Having just seen the movie, Trapeze, with Burt Lancaster, I figured this was my big chance to practice what I had seen him do. Sitting on the trapeze bar I’d get a good swing going, then hang by my knees and then slip down with my ankles wrapped around the chain so I could hang swinging by my feet.  I was getting pretty good at it, when I got tired. Normally I would just drop to the ground onto my hands and knees.  However, this day I was wearing sandals, not my usual sneakers, and as I tried to get off the trapeze bar, the strap of my right shoe caught the bottom loop of the chain, and I was stuck – hanging upside down by one foot!

Terrified, the sudden realization hit me: I was alone.  Who could help me?

Without my siblings or neighbors, I yelled and cryed out to God or anyone who would listen, hoping someone would find me.

Within minutes, someone did. A Milkman driving by saw me!

He helped me down, and as I was thanking him profusely, my brother ran up to me, sweating from head to toe, huffing and puffing, “I was two blocks away… when all of a sudden I saw a picture of you… like on a TV set… in front of my eyes! You were hanging upside down from the swings, screaming!”

I couldn’t believe it! My brother Mike and the Milkman had each unknowingly ‘heard’ my prayer.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Milk Man in NYC Saves a Lady from Bleeding to Death

The second time a milkman came to the rescue was years later when I moved with my pregant sister into in a 4th floor walk-up apartment in New York City. We had no electricity and no telephone.  One night, she suddenly started miscarrying and hemorrhaging profusely.

“Oh, God!” I thought.  “What should I do?” The neighbors across the hall were gone, and I had no way of getting her to the hospital.

In a panic, I flew down the four flights of stairs to the street, waving frantically to cars going by, but no one would stop.  In desperation, I went out into the street and yelled to the next vehicle I saw, a Milk truck! I told the driver in tears that my sister was bleeding to death and needed a ride to the hospital, a couple of miles up the street.  He got right out and rushed to help her into to his truck, and took her to the hospital in time – and she lived!

I never knew his name, or saw him again to thank him in person, but I can’t count the many times I thanked him in my heart.  I know God answered my prayer through him that night.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Milk Man in Bristol England Feeds 300 Orphans


In the early 1800’s, an orphanage ran out of food. They had nothing to feed the 300 children under George Müller’s care*.  It was time for breakfast, and the children were hungry, so he told everyone to sit down, fold their hands and pray, thanking God for what He would provide.

Soon there was a knock at the door.

It was a Baker, who said that God had woken him up at 3 in the morning telling him to quickly bake bread for the orphanage. Could they use it?

Why, YES, they could!

Shortly after that came another knock at the door.

A Milkman’s cart had broken down right in front of the orphanage – and without refrigeration the milk would spoil before he could fix the wheel.  Would they please take the milk?

Why, YES, they would!

That morning, a Milk man and a Baker had unknowingly been the vehicles to answer the prayers of those children. Each with different gifts he was given. One Bread, one Milk. But both with the ‘Milk of Human Kindness’.

Whatever  your image of a Creator, God or Heavenly Father, no one can deny that, the ‘Milk of Divine Kindness’ is active in our lives, listening and answering when we cry out. You never know when you may be called upon to deliver some of that ‘Milk’, too!


EDU DESIGNS creates media for the heart and mind of children. Since we are an all volunteer non profit, we don’t get paid for what we do. But the rewards! The rewards are “Out of This World!”.

Any funds donated are used to create and distribute materials to improve children’s character and education through the Arts.

You can see a bit of what we do here:

EDU DESIGNS is bringing Art back into the schools, providing materials for children’s character development and education through: http://www.edudesigns.org/

– Free Parenting Tips and Illustrated Behavior Charts through GoMommyGO.  We are listed as a Resource on Autism Speaks for children with special needs: http://www.gomommygo.com/

My earthly dad used to say that folks accused him of being a generous man. But he would say, “Oh NO! I’m NOT generous at all – you see, it makes me FEEL so GOOD to give, I feel like I’m being VERY selfish!”

I don’t have bread or milk to give today, but what I do have, I’d like to share. The download of my Artbook for kids, called, “SEE WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING AT!” normally sells for $9.99, but I’d like to give a copy to anyone making a donation of any size. After you donate through the button below you’ll get your free download!

Thank you!

© Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon

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Hankering after STUFF is never ENOUGH… Finding True Treasure…


Could WE be the treasure in earthen vessels?


As you think about what you want for the future, for the world, and for your kids, I’m sure Peace and True Happiness are on your list.

Though it has its place, money certainly hasn’t brought true happiness to me.



I wrote this little poem recently, thinking of the conflict between ‘Getting what you want’ and ‘True’ satisfaction:

Finding Treasure, © Ruth Elliott, 2013

Ignorance, when fueled by desire,

Scrambles to fight, following a Liar…

And after all the getting’s done,

with no peace or justice won,

joys vanish in the present,

while seeking what was pleasant.


Greed stomps on others to get its winnings,

and only piles up further sinnings.

Though the truth is plainly told,

(that all that glitters is not gold),

it’s blind to all the pain and rue,

and never ceases hurt to do.


In Forgetting all this earthly stuff

(and along with getting, had enough),

to him who holds the key to heaven

True Treasure will at last be given.

Those we know who have it still,

will never lose it, never will!


Was I important?  Or was money MORE important?

Of course I was important, but kids only know what they FEEL. When I think about the agonies struggling to be a good parent to my seven kids, I’ve come to realize that a lot of my personal anxiety and stress as an adult could be traced back to my relationships with the people closest to me as a child.


Ruth at 10 years old…


I remember how lost I felt when my mother went to work outside the home. And I was 10 years old at the time when it happened to me!

Then I too had to work at different times when my kids were little, and suffered a lot of pain and guilt over it.

A thirst for uncovering why things affect us the way they do has led to my research on Psychology, Parenting, Stress, Anxiety and ADHD.


Here’s some of what I’ve discovered in my travels:


Breakdown of the Mother and Child Relationships

One problem few medical professionals talk about is the breakdown of the mother and child relationship, due to economic pressures.  Nearly 60% of today’s workforce is women, many who are forced to go back to work too quickly after their babies are born.

This creates a subconscious feeling of abandonment in the child, according to Dr. Gabor Mate.[1] In addition, he states that stressors on pregnant moms create rising cortisol levels in their babies, even before birth, that can predispose them to ADHD.

There are studies showing that the BIOLOGY of the brain is interpersonal – beginning in the UTERUS. [2]

Stanford based psychologist  Robert Stopolski says we are affected by our environment as soon as we have one. Where is our first environment? When we are planted in the womb.

Studies show that our biology affects our babies in the womb.  Babies whose moms are stressed while pregnant had higher levels of Cortisol at birth, and the more stressed they mother is in pregnancy, the more behavior problems are seen by the time their child is 3 or 4…  And this is a lifelong affect.

So how can we get rid of the STRESS?

Stress can be greatly alleviated by a feeling of attunement from others.


Dr. Claudia Gold says, in her book, Keeping Your Child in Mind,

“When our feelings are validated, we know that we’re not alone.”

A lack of real attunement to our kids can rob them of the thing they need the most, a secure beginning to give them a firm footing in life.

Even if we can’t control the world, we STILL have the power to choose PEACE in our OWN home. It means choosing NOT to fall for the LIE that money is everything.

Paying attention to our kids is what they really need.

Especially when they are littlest.

You know how precious they are!


Baby Mama © Ruth Elliott, 2010









I wrote a blog about the importance of mom’s herehttp://gomommygosblog.wordpress.com/2010/04/03/you-love-this-person-called-mama/

Remember, whatever your life is now:

“We can’t change the past, but we can ruin a perfectly good Present, by worrying about the Future!”

Please make the best of what you have TODAY, especially those treasures that are asking you to pay attention to them!


EDU DESIGNS is the non profit I founded to help children’s character development through media and education.   We are all volunteers, and none of us gets a dime for what we do, but the rewards are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Can you help a little?

If you are struggling, too, then don’t feel pressured. I don’t want to give a load of guilt to anyone, but if you can spare a little, we need your help!

All donations go to help create and provide resources and media to those who need it.



See What You're Looking At! by Ruth Elliott

See What You’re Looking At! by Ruth Elliott


Please make a Donation Today and receive a Complete download of my Art Book – all 120 pages!

Here’s wishing YOU the BEST, EVERYDAY…

Ruth Elliott, Founder/Director of EDU DESIGNS, Creator,



[1] Check out this talk by Dr. Gabor Mate:



[2] Psychiatrist Daniel Seagull from UCLA talks about INTERPERSONAL Neurobiology here: http://drdansiegel.com/

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Parents Told to Abandon Retarded Baby at Birth…

Once in a while a story comes along that shows the triumph of the human spirit.

When Diane was born with Down Syndrome AND a hole in her heart, the doctor advised the mother and father that their baby girl would never survive, and, “Just leave her with us, we’ll take care of it”.


Jas (3 yo), Papa, Kathy, Joe, Mama and Diane (5 yo).

Did these parents abandon her?

The father replied, “We’ll just be taking our daughter home with us, thank you.”

And she DID survive – for 53 years!

What an important message it gave to their other children about the value of human life. Jas learned from an early age to help take care of his “little” older sister. How sweet to see little children learning to care for one another.

Jas (L) giving Diane a hug.

Jas (L) giving Diane a hug.


Sometimes the people who benefit the most are the ones doing the giving.

Out of his all his helping grew a spirit of great compassion in little Jas.

He grew up and wrote a song for Diane. Hear it at this link:


Can taking care of others effect the world?

You bet it can.

Just listen!

Ruth Elliott, Founder/Director of EDU DESIGNS, Creator,

Love Conquers All!
A grateful heart sits at a continuous feast. ~Proverbs 15:15
Never miss an opportunity to do a good deed. ~Ruth Elliott
Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned. ~Peter Marshall


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Hope makes the DIFFERENCE between LIFE and DEATH!


I heard a story once about an experiment with two mice to see how long they could swim in a bucket of water… 

When the first mouse was put in the bucket he drowned after just a few minutes.

When they put the second mouse in the water they saw him start to flounder around the same time the first one had. But this time they reached down and lifted him up out of the bucket for a second – just long enough to let him see over the bucket – and then returned him to the water again.  He swam for almost a half hour more before he finally lost strength.

It seems cruel to even think of doing an experiment like that.

I do hope they let him live.

But the message that came out of it was clear:

The second mouse, that was LIFTED up, was given a moment of HOPE, where he was able to see ABOVE the bucket, and that made all the difference.

We MUST have something better to look forward to, or WE WILL sink.

 Do you remember how much fun it was to do art and music in school when YOU were a kid? New pathways were growing in your brain as your imagination was stimulated!

 Due to budget cuts today, many children in schools don’t get that chance to do art anymore, despite clear proof that the arts improve cognitive development – and make an impact FAR greater than having a picture to put on your refrigerator door.

ruthHere a wiggly group of PreSchoolers gets to learn about Art AND Music!

Lifting people up – ‘above the bucket’ is something  EDU DESIGNS  does with tools to Improve children’s character through the arts and stories.

 GoMommyGO© (part of EDU DESIGNS) gives practical tools and HOPE to parents struggling with the awesome responsibility of shaping their child’s life in their most vulnerable years.

 Have you heard the saying, “THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE, RULES the WORLD”? We really DO have the power to influence the next generation to be better human beings. It is idealistic. And being a parent can bring out the best in us. But when you ARE a parent, you know that raising children can bring out the worst in YOU at times, too. WE NEED HELP!


Notice the word ‘STRUGGLE‘?

Raising my own seven children proved to me how much structure and support children need to be able to develop to their best ability, and how much I needed to learn. When I first created my behavior charts it gave me the structure I needed not to yell and scream at my kids. And when it DID work so well I thought, “Why isn’t someone doing this for all the mom’s out there who can’t draw?” 

 Nobody can do it alone. We all need each other.

If we struggle together it will lighten the load for all of us.

 Imagine This: If just ONE person was made happier today because of something YOU did, and and if each person helped ONE OTHER person, everybody would touch EVERYONE’S life eventually. So don’t give up.

 Do your best. Don’t worry about the rest. 
“Everything comes out in the wash”, as my mom used to say…


“Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.”  ~  Peter Marshall
Never miss an opportunity to do a good deed. ~Ruth Elliott
Ruth Elliott, Director, EDU DESIGNS
PO Box 2664, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729


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EDU Designs Reaches Kids with Special Needs!

There’s been so much happening lately! 

Did you hear about the efforts of Chris Zurbuch who raised $966 when he ran the 100 mile race for EDU DESIGNS?  I feel so blessed that he not only ran the extra mile, but was willing to run 99 more!  Here’s more info about it…

If you weren’t able to contribute yet (and a BIG THANKS to those who have) you can still donate here to help kids who need art and character development.

So much more has been happening I haven’t had time to blog about yet, too – from the art classes for kids with Special needs (see pic below) and many schools locally to the outreach to other countries (even Ghana and India) who are benefiting from our materials thanks to those who have found us via the internet.   I’ll be visiting Connecticut and reaching out to schools and organizations  there as well.  This map shows just a few of the places we are reaching.  The reaction from grateful teachers and parents is like bringing water to thirsty travelers along a lonely desert road. There’s so much need for what you and I are doing!

Please continue your support and tell others – I know they will thank you.

Everyone benefits from what we do.

If you know a parent – tell them about GoMommyGO®.

If you know a teacher or student, tell them about EDU DESIGNS.

Many Blessings…

And thanks,



A grateful heart sits at a continuous feast. Proverbs 15:15

Ruth Elliott, Director, EDU DESIGNS
PO Box 2664, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729
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