You Can Make an “I CAN” Book!

Babies LOVE seeing pictures and reading books  – especially of themselves!  You can thrill your little one and encourage them with how they are growing by making an “I CAN DO” book! Science has clearly shown that the brain of a toddler is faster than ours, so we need to keep them busy learning good things!

When you make an “I CAN DO” Book, it can help build a positive self image in your child, creating an identity based on experiences of accomplishment that give confidence they can succeed in life.


Simply fold a few pieces of paper in half and staple them together to make a blank book. Write their name with a photo of your child on the front. On each page place a picture of one thing he has learned to do and write “I can (do this”) Begin with the simplest things first. If you are good at taking photos, you can use photos of your child doing the activity. As he learns new things, add them to the book one by one.


Each time that you add another picture, show it to him, and as it gets bigger he will see he is growing – and writing his own book of accomplishments, too!

Besides being a great teaching tool, it will be a memory book you will treasure forever!

Here are some examples:
Smile, crawl, sit up, 
hold a spoon, hold a bottle, hold a cup, feed themself, wipe up high-tray, wipe face, walk, run, put on own shirt, pants, socks, throw a ball, catch a ball, draw a picture, pet the cat or dog nicely, pick up trash and put in the trashcan, comb hair, brush teeth, help sort socks, pick up toys, drink without spilling, wiping up spills on table or floor, water plants, wash hands, take bath, get into bed, carry dish to the table, or back to the kitchen, play with his toys nicely, build something, play with blocks, play-doh, blow bubbles etc.

You can think of lots more as your little one advances to being able to do things like tying shoes, sweeping, making beds, etc.

Help kids find a Positive Self Image

Making an ‘I CAN DO’ book inspires a child with a sense of identity based on a history of good experiences and success at accomplishing goals.

As they get older, you can continue by reinforcing their good behaviors with charts. When they feel a satisfaction from being good, they are more likely to want to continue. 

Our mission is inspiring kids to develop good character!

It feels great whenever we hear “Thank You”!

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Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon, Director, EDU DESIGNS

PS – Larger Resolution Files of the Positive Behaviors Images are available at this page – Enjoy!


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