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I know you care about investing in CHARACTER as well as INTELLIGENCE. You want to give children more of what really matters. SO DOES CHRIS ZURBUCH!

Chris' kids are so proud of him!

Chris Zurbuch is not only a phenomenal RUNNER – he’s running for a good cause: to help children achieve their goals and become productive citizens in society.


The Nanny Goat 100 Mile Race in Riverside, CA, raises funds for Charity each year, and THIS year, on Saturday May 25th 2013 Chris ran 100 miles to help raise money for EDU DESIGNS, the non profit that creates and distributes media for the education, motivation and character development of children.


A devoted husband to his beautiful wife Messina and proud Dad of three wonderful children, 11, 9 and 18 months, Chris explained why he chose to run the 100 Mile race to fundraise for EDU DESIGNS:


“I feel it is very important for our youth of today to have some sort of Creative arts and Books in all forms which are crucial to shaping Children's enrichment in their overall education. EDU is a wonderful non-profit organization that does just that for many less fortunate children. Every little bit helps to create a positive culture of growth and learning so these children can have some of the same opportunities as others to utilize their talents specifically in the arts…I have wanted to use my love of running into helping kids gain additional resources whether, food, housing or in this case, education.”


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TODAY is the last day to receive a free download of Ruth Elliott's Groundbreaking ART TEXTBOOK for CHILDREN, 'SEE WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING AT!'  with a donation of any size.

Each donation allows us to provide our materials to schools that need them, along with tools for better behavior -  CAN YOU HELP? YOU CAN!

"The need for what you're offering is growing stronger by the day, the schools are in crisis, seemingly everywhere... Bless you guys for what you're doing."  ~ Justin


Donate today to get your FREE download of my Art Book! (A $9.99 Value)
With your Donation to EDU DESIGNS you will instantly get a complimentary Download of Ruth Elliott's ART TEXTBOOK for CHILDREN, 'SEE WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING AT!' (the first Art Textbook to reference the CA K-8 Math Standards)

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