Emotional Connectedness leads to Greater Intellectual Capacity in Children!
© Ruth Elliott, 2012

At my art presentations I see startling evidence of Dr. Gabor Mate's findings in his book, SCATTERED. He reveals how children engaged in an activity that includes emotional connectedness display higher levels of activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, where self regulation and intellectual ability develop. This means they will develop better concentration and self control!

FUN is had by all at the Art Presentations given by EDU Designs!

As they always DO, I noticed the children had a wonderful time drawing and participating. Afterwards the teachers came up to me and remarked that they had never seen them so FOCUSED and ENGAGED. The ability to 'focus and become engaged' in an activity is the opposite of Attentional Deficit Disorder. Dr. Mate says:

"...many children with ADD are capable of focused work in the presence of an adult who is keeping them company and paying attention to them... attachment promotes attention, anxiety undermines it. When the child is not concerned with seeking emotional contact, his prefrontal cortex is freed to allocate attention to the task at hand... The warmth and satisfaction of positive contact with the adult is often just as good as a psychostimulant in supplying the child's prefrontal cortex with dopamine. Greater security means less anxiety and more focused attention... Where this need is satisfied, ADD problems begin to recede."

This is something I have instinctively felt for years, that children need engagement from others in a positive emotional context.  Seeing it in action, and getting confirmation from the teachers was tremendous! It's nice to know we've been on the right track all along.

I want all children to develop better Self Control and Focus as they increase their intellectual ability. I feel so strongly about this that I am offering an opportunity to get a copy of my ART BOOK to share with a teacher or child you know.  HOW? Read the details here.

Did you know that for every book you purchase, We GIVE a book to a classroom, teacher or student that needs one? Our Art presentations inspire not only the children and their parents but the teachers who are empowered to bring art back into the classroom. Thanks to your support, we are able to give a copy of my Art Book to every teacher in the school!

I'm so glad YOU want the same things I do!

Kids benefit from all the love we put into them.

And I benefit from all the hugs I get!

Ruth Elliott

Director, Edu Designs





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For every book you purchase, We GIVE a book to a classroom, teacher or student that needs it!

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