I'm giving you these posters FREE
to help kids to be able to identify a bully:

(Get the PDF of "What are Bullies?", here: 2.7 MB)

Along with it is a poster that tells what to do
when faced with a bully:

Download PDF of 'What can you DO about a Bully?' Here: 2.9 MB

Here's the final poster that helps kids ask themselves, "Do I ever bully others?"

Download PDF of 'Do YOU ever Bully?' Here: 1.9 MB

BULLYING is such a horrible problem that we have to nip it in the bud early.
I hope you will share these posters with others!

TEACHERS! STOP BULLYING in your school with these 3 FREE Posters.
Help kids identify bullies, keep from being a victim, and never bully others:


Download Pdf Combo Pack of ALL 3 Posters here 7.5 MB

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