No way to stay clean...

 © Ruth Elliott, 2010                                                                   


Why is it that you can't get something clean without getting dirty in the process?

The biggest slob I know won't touch anything filthy or yucky. No way. "EWE! I 'm not getting near THAT!" So the result is that the mess sits. And sits. And sits.

Of course, they are not parents - yet.

What about diapers? Imagine if we just let the baby sit in their poop forever. The baby would die. There's no way around it. In order to get rid of something bad you must get in there and face the awful truth. We've gotta get rid of it. No matter how bad it smells.


I think God invented babies so we would learn to finally grow up. We can’t let the baby die!

So we face the poop. And in dealing with the poop in our little ones, we begin to learn to face it in ourselves. How mean and selfish and awful we are only to be thinking of ourselves.

And in the process something wonderful happens. We become people who do truly care about others.

Once our little ones are clean and neat again, they’re so beautiful. And sweet. And lovable.

Even though you know they will get dirty again. We can forgive them for that. They can’t help themselves.


Were we ever so precious? We were. And still are.

Underneath all the poop we still make.


Don’t give up.   You're cleanable!     





Ruth Elliott

Director, Edu Designs



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