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These positive behaviors are reinforced on the card:


1- TALK- Don't Yell!   (Say, ”I can’t understand what you say if you yell.  Use your WORDS instead.”)
2- Say “Please”
(be polite, don’t whine!)
3- Say “Thank You”
(be grateful!)

4- STAY CLOSE (Don't get LOST)
5- Hold hands when needed
6- Keep your seat belt ON   in the car


The other side of the card explains how to use it: "Remind kids what you expect of them before you leave the house... When you catch your child being good, let them know you notice! When you get home, place a BONUS good Mark on their BIG Behavior Chart you download free from GoMommyGO!®"


HELP your kids LEARN and Remember

HOW TO STAY SAFE When they go OUT of the house!

Does your child need a reminder of how to behave when you go out?


Here's how it works:

Tell them how much you love them and need them to stay safe.

Remind them of the rules are when you go out, (see above) and make a 'game' of it to see if they can remember them.

It will be fun for both of you!


To HELP Children and their parents,

these Portable Safety Cards work with the LARGER CHARTS

you download free, from  GoMommyGO®

Made of sturdy plastic, the credit card-sized Chart is for using anywhere you need to remind them how to behave!

How do you USE it?  Simple! Before you leave the house, explain what you expect of them.

Then, when you catch your child being GOOD, let them know you NOTICE!

When you get HOME, place a good mark or sticker next to the BONUS GOOD MARK section of their BIG behavior chart  like it shows on the sample below.

(Remember to Print YOUR larger FREE charts from GoMommyGO® - Here's what they look like)

Bring the smaller, PORTABLE card when you go out!


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You'll also get one Portable Safety Card FREE with every purchase!


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