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We've all been shocked by stories of young people throwing their lives away through senseless violence, rampant drug use, and general stupidity. Other countries have surpassed America in education, while important skills such as art, math and science have been neglected.

"What went wrong?" you ask.

There have been years of people dropping the ball. On a large scale. Mom's are forced to work outside the home because of a bad economy. Many find that it is easier to go back to work than fight the mess and stress of handling kids at home. Parents, caregivers falling for the illusion of thinking someone else is paying attention.  

So who's minding the kids?

Are they someone who cares? Do they have the same concern to see that our children strive for higher ideals? Do they intend, like we do, that they become honest, hard working and caring individuals? Or do they just plop them down in front of the TV?

monkey watching someone eating an icecream on tv

I know YOU are NOT that kind of person.

Sadly, today many parents themselves were 'raised' by the TV, and don't know what else to do. But as TV shows gets even worse than they were when WE were kids, how can we criticize the youth of today for being selfish, rude and apathetic?

What did people expect would be the result of the exposure to too much TV? Advertisers give little thought to how their messages will influence children, other than to make them want to buy their products. And then consider the programs that are on TV. According to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry:

Television can be a powerful influence in developing value systems and shaping behavior. Unfortunately, much of today's television programming is violent. Hundreds of studies of the effects of TV violence on children and teenagers have found that children may:

  • become "immune" or numb to the horror of violence
  • gradually accept violence as a way to solve problems
  • imitate the violence they observe on television; and
  • identify with certain characters, victims and/or victimizers... (...more)

So what should we do?

TREAT them as though you won't have THEM tomorrow, and TEACH them as though they won't have YOU tomorrow!

Now more than ever children need to learn positive values that will help them desire character for themselves: principles of individual responsibility and self control, to help them make intelligent choices and hunger for education. That's what Edu Designs is doing. Preparing media for the development of our children's character. Planning ahead by planting the seeds of positive influences.

Underneath it all overworked parents may be feeling guilty, knowing they should turn off the TV and pay more attention to what their children are being exposed to, but most are too exhausted to do much about it and don't have a clue WHAT to do.


EDU DESIGNS is preparing the way. Children need GOOD examples of behavior to follow.


There are lots of kids RIGHT NOW who are at the age when there is STILL HOPE to make a major change.

Example: If we make THIS much effort when they are little,

we reap THIS much reward as they grow up! 

But if we wait till they are bigger, and make even THIS much effort, it only results in THIS much improvement.  Sad but true.

I'm not saying there's no hope for older kids, its just that it's a lot harder to help them if we wait. Any investment we make when they are younger reaps a greater reward later on.

That's why it's SO important to support Edu Designs NOW! We are giving parents, schools, and caregivers TOOLS to help develop character in kids while they are STILL LITTLE!

But we can't do it alone.

Children need GOOD examples of behavior to follow. People who will show them:

  • How to make harmony out of a difficult situation
  • Demonstrating love in the face of opposition
  • That hard work pays off in the end
  • Goals worth striving towards
  • They are needed in the world
  • We all NEED each other

YOU can help! Here are some GREAT IDEAS:

Download and distribute our FREE Anti- Bullying Posters:

Email them to your friends, Print them up and give them to your schools, share with others...

  • Volunteer to read from books that inspire good character. IF you will use them, we will give you a packet of character growing books to read to kids in your local school or library - or any other place where they will listen and learn-Contact us to find out how.
  • Buy our books and videos. Your purchase is like a donation which supports the work of character and cognitive development in children. Here's where you can get them. 
  • Let others know about us. Tell your local school, teachers or parents who would benefit from our free Art Presentations and materials. They'll be glad you did!  Send an email with this link to our site:
  • Tell all your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, blog or web site about us, sharing a link to our site. Something simple, like, "Did you know that Edu Designs is working to bring Art back into public schools? Check them out at: ".

Sign up for our emails for valuable information and immediate access to our videos - FREE!   


YOUR Character CAN CHANGE the World!

By being a good example and working together, we can motivate, inspire and improve children's character resulting in a better life for all of us in the future! This is the stuff that really matters, after all.  Besides, it's a lot of fun!


Your donation of time or energy is absolutely necessary to provide tools for parents and teachers who desperately want more art and character development for their children. After an art presentation to classrooms where we donated books and materials to 30 teachers, one of them contacted me, saying:

 “I would love love love to have you come to my school. I am so bummed that I don't teach more art…I totally agree with your mission. We need more ART!!!”

We were able to help because of generous donors like you.

You can even support us monthly with a small donation that will make a BIG difference!

As a special BONUS - when you become a monthly donor you will receive a complimentary instant download of SEE WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING AT!, the Art Textbook book by Ruth Elliott that references the California Math Standards.

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