They hit you sooner or later...


From Ruth Elliott, Director

Ruth Elliott, Director

No way around it. Troubles hit you. Some financial. Some personal. Like Rudyard Kipling, how do you hold on when all about you are losing their heads and blaming it on you? Even more, how do you keep trials and troubles from your door? The answer is: You can't.

If Character is defined as "what you are when no one is watching", then there has to be that space within to return to that is untouched by the storms of life. The eye of the hurricane, the apex of the pendulum that remains steady while the weight is swinging below it - that place we can hold on to - and align our perspective by. Keep that as an anchor and don't let go! You can make it. Take the time to find it if you haven't already. You'll need it.

I heard a great man once say,

"There are two paths before us: The GOOD and the PLEASANT. He who chooses the PLEASANT misses the mark.

Please join me on the better road!

Ruth Elliott

Director, Edu Designs



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