Kids are always watching...

Pen & ink drawing I did way back in 1987 when the children were small and my house was a wreck. Art was one way I could create order (at least on paper).


I forgot some of the things I did when my seven kids were little, but kids never forget, do they? When I got this text message today from my grown up son (who is a husband and father now), it was a surprise:

" I told [my wife] that u used to pack up sandwiches for homeless people and put them in the car, and when u saw a homeless person we would stop the car and u would have all us kids get out and give them the sandwich. [My wife] loved that, and now she and the boys make 'homeless bags' with food, wipes, toothbrush/paste, etc, and they try to carry at least one in the car at all times.  [She] said she almost cried at how thankful these poor folks are and they often love to chat.  The boys love it - they yell out 'homeless!' when we're driving and we see a 'candidate'!    I got an incredible wife. Thanks for the great example mom, I know it changed me and taught me to love others"

Thank Goodness I was concious of the fact that they were watching and learning from everything they saw me do.

I'm glad you and I are still making an impact every day through EDU Designs by giving impressionable children opportunities to watch and learn through art and stories.

Thanks to your support, we had an amazing time giving a presentation to 600 kids recently! One of the teachers said they were so excited at what they learned they kept talking about it for days afterwards. You can experience some of the fun, in these photos and a link to the videos they watched too!

Thank you so much for being what kids need more of: Good examples.

Ruth Elliott

Director, Edu Designs

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