Think YOU'RE working for peanuts? How about THIS guy?

I wear this gold peanut on my lapel at my Art Presentations.  When someone asks me "Why?", I get to tell them this story!

When Life gives us a gift, sometimes we don't recognize it, because it's wrapped up in something that looks a lot like hard work.  But to the hungry man, every bitter thing is sweet.  George Washington Carver was born of slaves and suffered terrible losses growing up: Privation, the loss of his parents, and the denial of his early education because of his color. But he was hungry for knowledge and never gave up. His fascination with plants eventually led him to discoveries that helped saved thousands of crops from destruction and brought security and fortunes to millions. All because he kept his mind on what interested him.  And he continually sought the will of his Creator.

Sometimes we have to lose everything that we thought was valuable, in order to begin to see the value in the only things truly worth valuing:  Love, Life, Peace, Truth, and the people to share those things with who also treasure them. 

I am always amazed at the impact one personís dream can accomplish. As a little child, it was my dream to help other children see the wonder of creation. I am so grateful for opportunities to share my love of learning with children.

What is your dream? Never give up on it.  Because it's not for yourself, but for the benefit of the whole world. It's true that none of us is gonna make it out of here alive, but while we're still here let's do something we love.

I am so grateful we were able to mail a projector, DVD Player, Books and Videos to children in the deprived areas of Ghana, thanks to the efforts of Eric Ansah of the Ex-Aid Club, who is working tirelessly over there to distribute them to the schools. Here is an excerpt from his letters to me after he first received them.

"Hello Ruth, God has done it again!!! Today six of us watched the video, Little Blossom and The Night Princess... The projector and the DVD Player also has arrive in Ghana...  All, I can say for now is almighty God richly bless you and your family for helping other part of the world with your educational materials, I am really grateful. My personal opinion, this is the kind of books each and every child should have especially, those in the early stages of education. I would like to say a very big thank you to you and your staff. I will do my best to use your education material to the best of my knowledge. I really love your quotation: "Our dreams today are the seeds of tomorrow - never give up!!"

Recent pictures from the Ex-Aid Club in Ghana, that is reaching out to teach children without the necessary tools most of us take for granted. Please 'LIKE' their page on Facebook, and do what you can to help!

I am excited about the positive responses we’ve received from students, teachers and caregivers using the materials we make available through EDU Designs and GoMommyG®. Serving all age groups and levels, from Special Needs to Higher Ed, EDU DESIGNS is fullfilling it's mission of 'Building Brains and Hearts through the Arts'. 

Can you help? We need to print up books for next semester. Since we are an all volunteer organization, everything we get goes towards creating and distributing our materials.  Every gift of $5 allows us to print up another book. PLEASE HELP!

Thank You for helping us
win this honor!

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