STOP BULLYING in YOUR school with these 3 FREE Posters!

BULLYING is such a horrible problem that we have to nip it in the bud early.
I hope you will share these posters with others!
I’m giving you these posters FREE to help kids to be able to identify a bully:

Bullies are people who say mean things; people who want to hurt others; people who leave others out.(Get the.pdf file by clicking on the image)

Along with it is a poster that tells what to do when faced with a bully:

What can you do about a bully? You can walk away, you can tell an adult, you can make friends with someone else.(Get the.pdf file by clicking on the image)

And a poster that helps kids ask themselves, “Do I ever bully others?”

(Get the.pdf file by clicking on the image)

STOP BULLYING in YOUR school with these 3 FREE Posters. Help Kids to:

  • identify bullies
  • keep from being a victim
  • and never bully others

Download Pdf Combo Pkg of ALL 3 Posters here 7.5MB 


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