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Are you seeing kids constantly glued to electronic devices?

Are you wishing they’d use their creativity, or worry they won’t develop real life skills? 

Then you’ve come to the right place! Take advantage of the resources we have available!

Someday they will thank you for turning off the ‘TV’ and allowing them develop problem solving skills

Art is one of the BEST ways to motivate and inspire us at ANY age. While I was working in Animation, I found drawing to be calming and therapeutic. While my hands were busy, my mind was free, going deeper into understanding myself and the things that were troubling me. The insights that came were life changing.  Along with finding solutions to problems, it was like meditation, but easier to do for someone like myself who has trouble sitting still. I guess I’m still like a kid that way! I believe children can have this type of experience when given the chance to draw. And slow down! Art is not just good for eye-hand coordination. It’s good for mind-heart coordination, too! The positive benefits will help the REST of us when the KIDS today become the ADULTS in charge.

I founded EDU DESIGNS after my 7 kids grew up and I realized there were more children out there who needed positive media and educational resources to lift them up.

Plus, I feel so strongly about helping kids, I put everything I learned in over 30 years in my Art Textbook, so it won’t take YOU 30 years to learn!

Get your copy of SEE WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING AT (Included Free with individual or group classes).


Free Illustrated Behavior Charts for kids 2yrs and up




Download 90+ Cards with ANY donation!


Download Free with any donation!

Use them to make a CHART to show WHAT TO DO NEXT! 

Free Parenting Tips  For kids of all ages:

VIDEOS and more!


Warm Wishes,

Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon, Founder of Edu Designs and GoMommyGO®

PS – If you believe in our mission, join in to nurture the little ones with high ideals of good character. Please support us.

We need you!


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