It’s good to learn from your mistakes, right? But the best way, by far, is to learn from someone else’s! That way, you WON’T have to make them yourself! 

Here are 5 to avoid:

Mistake # 1 – Not Paying Enough Attention: 

When you fail to pay proper attention to your children you not only endanger them, you say, without words, that they are not worth paying attention to. When you drive, you pay attention to the road, correct?  But at home, you may wish the kids would take care of themselves, and rely on TV and video games to ‘babysit’ them.

SOLUTION: Engage with your kids more to increase attachment and connectedness. 3 keys to good communication are: EYE Contact, Touch, and Kind Words.
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Mistake # 2 – Being too strict, or too lenient:

Either extreme is bad. Being too harsh can break your child’s spirit.

Being too ‘nice’ is not really being nice, and in the long run, teaches kids to be lazy and selfish.

Letting kids have too much time in front of electronic devices to keep them quiet, backfires afterwards.

SOLUTION: ‘Child training’, is a learned skill, like dog training. Learn to balance Love and Limits, and set boundaries.  You must take control, and and become a Leader. Learn HOW to discipline…

Limit electronic time, and KEEP THEM BUSY with other activities.

Mistake # 3- Undermining your spouse’s authority in front of the children.

Having disagreements over how to raise the kids is inevitable at some point, but take care not to belittle or override your spouse in front of the children. Being ‘RIGHT’ all the time can be wrong.

SOLUTION: Politely interject, “May I talk with you in the other room for a minute?”  Take your spouse aside quietly and share your ideas away from the kids. When you’ve come to an agreement, you can announce with a united front, “We have decided… etc”.

Mistake # 4 – Doing too much.

I was really good at that! One day my son yelled out, “DAD! MOM HAD A NERVOUS WRECK!”

We get caught up trying to get everything done, and end up ignoring our relationships. We lose patience, and then our rapport with others, too. 

SOLUTION: SLOW DOWN – and do it QUICKLY! Allow yourself to be ‘interrupt-able’. Kids need YOU.

Mistake # 5 – Not planning ahead.

Are you working too hard? Are the kids letting you?  Of course they will, if you LET them!

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SOLUTION:ORGANIZE. Have regular family meetings where you discuss your family goals and desires. Share the problems you have getting everything accomplished. Divide the chores between individual abilities and create the family happiness you desire. Read more…






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