Hankering after STUFF is never ENOUGH… Finding True Treasure…


Could WE be the treasure in earthen vessels?


As you think about what you want for the future, for the world, and for your kids, I’m sure Peace and True Happiness are on your list.

Though it has its place, money certainly hasn’t brought true happiness to me.



I wrote this little poem recently, thinking of the conflict between ‘Getting what you want’ and ‘True’ satisfaction:

Finding Treasure, © Ruth Elliott, 2013

Ignorance, when fueled by desire,

Scrambles to fight, following a Liar…

And after all the getting’s done,

with no peace or justice won,

joys vanish in the present,

while seeking what was pleasant.


Greed stomps on others to get its winnings,

and only piles up further sinnings.

Though the truth is plainly told,

(that all that glitters is not gold),

it’s blind to all the pain and rue,

and never ceases hurt to do.


In Forgetting all this earthly stuff

(and along with getting, had enough),

to him who holds the key to heaven

True Treasure will at last be given.

Those we know who have it still,

will never lose it, never will!


Was I important?  Or was money MORE important?

Of course I was important, but kids only know what they FEEL. When I think about the agonies struggling to be a good parent to my seven kids, I’ve come to realize that a lot of my personal anxiety and stress as an adult could be traced back to my relationships with the people closest to me as a child.


Ruth at 10 years old…


I remember how lost I felt when my mother went to work outside the home. And I was 10 years old at the time when it happened to me!

Then I too had to work at different times when my kids were little, and suffered a lot of pain and guilt over it.

A thirst for uncovering why things affect us the way they do has led to my research on Psychology, Parenting, Stress, Anxiety and ADHD.


Here’s some of what I’ve discovered in my travels:


Breakdown of the Mother and Child Relationships

One problem few medical professionals talk about is the breakdown of the mother and child relationship, due to economic pressures.  Nearly 60% of today’s workforce is women, many who are forced to go back to work too quickly after their babies are born.

This creates a subconscious feeling of abandonment in the child, according to Dr. Gabor Mate.[1] In addition, he states that stressors on pregnant moms create rising cortisol levels in their babies, even before birth, that can predispose them to ADHD.

There are studies showing that the BIOLOGY of the brain is interpersonal – beginning in the UTERUS. [2]

Stanford based psychologist  Robert Stopolski says we are affected by our environment as soon as we have one. Where is our first environment? When we are planted in the womb.

Studies show that our biology affects our babies in the womb.  Babies whose moms are stressed while pregnant had higher levels of Cortisol at birth, and the more stressed they mother is in pregnancy, the more behavior problems are seen by the time their child is 3 or 4…  And this is a lifelong affect.

So how can we get rid of the STRESS?

Stress can be greatly alleviated by a feeling of attunement from others.


Dr. Claudia Gold says, in her book, Keeping Your Child in Mind,

“When our feelings are validated, we know that we’re not alone.”

A lack of real attunement to our kids can rob them of the thing they need the most, a secure beginning to give them a firm footing in life.

Even if we can’t control the world, we STILL have the power to choose PEACE in our OWN home. It means choosing NOT to fall for the LIE that money is everything.

Paying attention to our kids is what they really need.

Especially when they are littlest.

You know how precious they are!


Baby Mama © Ruth Elliott, 2010









I wrote a blog about the importance of mom’s herehttp://gomommygosblog.wordpress.com/2010/04/03/you-love-this-person-called-mama/

Remember, whatever your life is now:

“We can’t change the past, but we can ruin a perfectly good Present, by worrying about the Future!”

Please make the best of what you have TODAY, especially those treasures that are asking you to pay attention to them!


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[1] Check out this talk by Dr. Gabor Mate:



[2] Psychiatrist Daniel Seagull from UCLA talks about INTERPERSONAL Neurobiology here: http://drdansiegel.com/

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